Clive Real Estate Information

A midsized suburban community, Clive, Iowa, is split between Polk and Dallas counties, nine miles west of the capital and considered a part of the Des Moines–West Des Moines Metropolitan Statistical Area. The community is home to a population of nearly 15,000 as of estimates taken in 2006. These figures showed substantial growth since the 2000 census, when the population was just over 12,000. Clive sits inside the loop of the interstate that surrounds Des Moines and lies at crossroads where interstates 35 and 80 meet. The city encompasses an area of just over seven square miles and its residents have an annual median household income over almost $75,000, a figure substantially higher than the state's and region's averages.

Clive was first settled by Westerners in 1882, as a coal mining and railroad town lying along the St. Louis-Des Moines Northern Railway. It was incorporated officially as a city on August 18, 1956. The economy is a mix of agricultural and industrial firms and enterprises. The major employers in the city are American Cancer Society, CIGNA Insurance, the City of Clive, Iowa Pork Producers, Mercy West Medical Clinic, National Pork Board, Pitt-Des Moines Steel and the Standard Oil Division of Amoco Oil Company.

Most of the city lies in the West Des Moines School District, which is made up of one high school, one freshman high school, one junior high and three elementary schools. The children living in parts of the city in Dallas County attend schools in the Waukee School District, which include one high school, two middle schools and three elementary schools. There are also four private schools.

Attractions in Clive include the restored railroad depot which now serves as the Clive Historical Society's headquarters, Greenbelt Park and Valley West Mall. Summer concerts are held at Linnan Park on Friday evenings in the summer as part of the Clive After Five program. Other events include the annual Taste of Clive and the three-day Clive Festival. Hospitals in the city include Iowa Lutheran Hospital and Blank Children's Hospital plus several medical centers and clinics.